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Bookmarks can only be printed using the Park Avenue typeface. The text can not be customized, except to add names and dates. However, most bookmarks allow the addition of an optional design (see the bottom of this page) and/or a photograph.

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This day is filled
with happiness
and joy is ours
to share
with all our friends
and relatives
who came to
show they care.
The prayer we carry
in our hearts
of love and faith
and peace
we give to you
with every hope
that these
will never cease.

[Name of Couple]


If there is
anything better
than to be loved
it is loving

We have experienced
your love
and friendship
by your presence
here today.
For this,
we lovingly
thank you!

[Name of Couple]


We thank you,
friends and neighbors
and relatives so dear,
for your
and for your
presence here.
The memory of
these happy hours
you've shared
with us today
will linger on
throughout the years
and ever.
with us stay.

[Name of Couple]


is patient and kind,
love is not jealous,
or conceited or proud,
or provoked,
love does not keep
a record of wrongs:
Love is not happy with evil
but is pleased
with the truth.
in celebrating
Love never gives up:
its faith, hope, and patience
never fails.
Thank you
for sharing with us
the precious moments
of this day.

[Name of Couple]


We thank you
each and every one,
for joining us,
this day.
You"ve added
to our happiness
in a very
special way.

As the years
shall come and go,
our dreams
will give us pleasure
and bring you back
to us again
in memories
to treasure.

[Name of Couple]

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